About Us

from the beginning

G.A.M.E. (Goodman & Mehlenbacher Ent, Inc) is a family owned business started in 1999 by Tim Goodman. We value hard work and doing the job right…each of the owners have personally been involved in every task or service that we offer today. At G.A.M.E Inc, you won’t find a faceless corporation, all of our ownership has been involved with our company from day one, growing it from the ground up.

Meet the team

Chuck Barr


Chuck Barr started with GAME in 2002 working as a laborer, with no knowledge and no experience. His commitment to continuous learning and “whatever it takes” attitude allowed him to grow with and help grow the company, while learning all aspects of the business. Chuck was chosen by his brothers to be the President of GAME in 2020.

Marcus Goodman

Vice President

Marcus has been with G.A.M.E. for 18 years in various capacities. He started in the field taking part in all aspects from general laborer to crew foreman. Marcus is now the Chief Estimator and Project Manager for a wide range of contracts.

Justin Goodman

Vice President

Justin started working for G.A.M.E Inc. In 2001 as a general laborer/water truck driver. Then moved his way up to Top Hand, to Main Line Hoe Operator, and then to an Operator/Foreman running his own pipe crew. Justin has completed many different types of jobs as a project foreman from sub developments, water reservoirs to sewer lift stations. Justin is now the lead superintendent that is managing the pipe crews and trucking for the company. Justin takes pride in his work and sees opportunity to grow every project.

Drew Goodman

Vice President

Youngest of the four brothers running G.A.M.E Inc. Drew Goodman has been with G.A.M.E for 14 years. Drew started his leadership in G.A.M.E in 2015 when he took over as the dirt foreman and continued there until 2019 when he moved to Grading Supervisor. With 50+ grading completions in 7 different cities Drew has been faced with a wide range of job types the two most notable completions under Drew’s leadership have been Juniper Dunes Access, West Village 8 Phase subdivision. Drew has well over 1 million yards of dirt moved in his relatively short time with G.A.M.E Inc. and plans to move Millions more.